Aran Cable Knit Women's Poncho

Aran Cable Knit Women's Poncho

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Why We Love This
- Made of 100% soft Fisherman wool, this Irish poncho is durable, highly breathable, and warm

- Inspired by the traditional Aran knitwear, the poncho features cable and honeycomb stitches

- The poncho is sleeveless and incorporates a round neckline, ideal for multiple layering options

- Available in two versatile sizes: S-M (31.5 inches in length) and L-XL (33.46 inches in length)

Product Details

Celebrate the timeless Aran knitting traditions with our exquisite Aran Cable Knit Women's Poncho! Finely knit of 100% Fisherman wool, also known as pure virgin wool, this poncho has unmatched softness, breathability, and durability, being sure to withstand daily use. Pure virgin wool is naturally a great heat insulator and moisture resistant, so you can wear this knit piece all year round. Besides that, the wool used is fully organic, making this poncho a true eco-conscious choice. Authentically inspired by the classic Aran sweaters worn by Irish fishermen during their sea ventures on the Atlantic, our poncho carries on this age-old knitting tradition. It features richly textured Aran cable and honeycomb stitches, patterns used to increase the breathability and warmth of the knitwear. Besides their functionality, these stitches are imbued with cultural meaning, as each tells a unique story about the people of the islands and their daily lives and beliefs. The cable stitch resembles the ropes used by the fishermen and symbolizes the idea of strength, as they had to remain strong in order to return home to their families. In other interpretations, this stitch represents a wish for good luck and safety at sea. As for the honeycomb stitch, it is an ode brought to the diligent bees and prolific beekeeping on the islands. This stitch symbolizes the idea of sweet rewards that come after a well-done work. The poncho has a classic design, being sleeveless and featuring a round neck, providing multiple layering options. Whether worn casually with jeans and a turtleneck shirt, or more elegantly paired with a dress, this Irish poncho will surely turn heads! You can choose your ideal fit from two sizes: S-M (31.5 inches in length) and L-XL (33.46 inches in length). Our gorgeous wool poncho is the perfect addition to keep you warm and sophisticated all year long. No matter if you buy it as a special treat for yourself, or as a considerate gift for a dear one, this Aran Cable Knit Women's Poncho is a must-have.
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