Muckross Weavers Flapper Hat Blue Herringbone

Muckross Weavers Flapper Hat Blue Herringbone

Item# MWFH110
Why We Love This
- Crafted in Ireland using 100% high-quality wool tweed, this elegant hat is comfortable, warm, and long-lasting

- This stunning flapper hat showcases a traditional, Irish-inspired design with a timeless herringbone pattern in blue

- The short brim and decorative buckle add a modern touch to the classic design of this hat

- Versatile and easily adjustable to fit anyone, this one-size-fits-all accessory makes a wonderful gift choice for a dear one

Product Details

This beautiful Flapper Hat combines timeless elegance and traditional style. The hat is meticulously crafted from 100% high-quality wool tweed, ensuring warmth and comfort for years to come. The bell-shaped design of this flapper hat is inspired by classic Irish hats and features the herringbone pattern which has been used for centuries.

The short brim and decorative buckle add a touch of modern style to this culturally inspired accessory. This cap easily adjusts to fit any size, being a versatile one-size-fits-all accessory. Stay warm, comfortable, and fashionable on any occasion.

Its classic design and exceptional craftsmanship make this hat a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates Irish heritage and culture.
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