Hullachan® Ultra Low Premium Poodle Socks

Hullachan® Ultra Low Premium Poodle Socks

Hullachan® Ultra Low Premium Poodle Socks
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Why We Love These
Brilliant white color to impress

Super soft material for extra comfort

Cooling 'Coolmax' technology

Arch Support

Product Details

• Fabric Blend with Coolmax
These socks are composed of 30% nylon and 70% Coolmax, a fabric combination that will have your feet feeling great all day. Both nylon and Coolmax are comfortably soft, and Coolmax offers a lightweight feel and breathability as it wicks moisture away from the skin.
• White Color
These socks come in crisp white, a neutral color that is versatile enough to wear with outfits from all colors of the rainbow!
• Arch Support
Designed with built-in arch support, these socks will help uphold the arches of your feet, which is important when standing for long periods of time on intense dance days!
• Ultra-Low Length
An ultra-low length design makes these socks a stylish standout, as they boast a modern look that shows off more of your fabulous dancer’s legs than a traditional design!

When you’re dancing your heart out on stage during your Irish dance performances, it’s important for your feet to feel great, and they can with these Hullachan Ultra Low Premium Socks! These socks come in a fresh white color that not only creates a wonderful classic look but can also be paired with dance outfits of all colors and styles. Made of 30% nylon and 70% Coolmax, these socks also deliver premium softness. Nylon is a soft fabric that will be gentle to your skin, and Coolmax is a specialized polyester blend designed to provide ultimate breathability. Coolmax is lightweight, soft to the touch like nylon, and wicks moisture away from the skin, which will keep your feet feeling comfortably dry. Making these socks even more practical are the arch support that will help you stand on your feet during long dance days, and a seamless toe that that creates a sleek look and relief from irritation that typically comes with toe seams. Designed with an ultra-low length that is modern and shows off your toned dancer’s legs, these socks boast a textured leg that will catch the eye with striking dimension. Add functionality and style to your dance outfits with these fabulous socks!
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