Patrick Francis Kids Patchwork Tweed Cap

Patrick Francis Kids Patchwork Tweed Cap

Item# PF9016
What Customers Are Saying
Bought this for my son to wear for some family pictures! My husband wears these hats and with my husband and son together, they look adorable matching. Love the quality as well!

Product Details

  • Our kidís Irish flat cap is a mixture of fabrics that stitched together to create a wondrous patchwork style made by Patrick Francis.
  • Two types of black and white herringbone along with a light and a dark brown tweed are used throughout our cap.
  • A Celtic knot seamlessly weaves in and out of itself creating a pattern that attracts the eye.
  • Make your child the most stylish one on the block with our vintage style Irish patchwork flat cap.

  • The Patchwork Cap is an age-old tradition of quilting in the homes of Donegal. This Patrick Francis kids cap carries on that tradition in lovely herringbone and brown tweed quilting with an embroidered Celtic knot at the brim.

    With a mixture of funky style and classic fabrics that pair well together for a unique, our patchwork flat cap brings to life the vintage style. Your child will love our quirky flat cap and the bold style created by the different patches. Four distinctive fabrics can be seen used repeatedly within our flat cap to create the patchwork of our cap.

    Dark brown and white threads are woven together to create a dark brown tweed that can be found on our cap, while Tan and brown yarn speckled with pops of orange-colored dots are woven together for a tan-colored tweed. Two types of black and white woven herringbone fabrics are used intermittently throughout our flat cap as well. One of the herringbone fabrics is made with larger yarn fibers giving it a more rustic look and feel.

    The top of our flat cap is where the majority of the patchwork comes into our Irish flat cap. Each square is attached in a pattern that compliments the patch next to them. While the sides and back our flat cap is a mixture of two of the fabrics. The front section of our flat cap that connects to the top of our cap is the finer woven herringbone fabric and it continues onto both of the sides of our cap eventually connecting to tan tweed fabric that encloses the back of our cap.

    The bill of our cap is encased in the same tan tweed fabric as the back of our hat. On the top of our patchwork tweed hat is also a pair of Celtic knots placed side by side. The two knots work as one knot with this white curving lines flowing through one another seamlessly. Your little one will have fun tracing the woven pattern of the Celtic knot and youíll love seeing them in such an adorable patchwork flat cap.
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