Ladies Aran Merino Patchwork Cardigan

Ladies Aran Merino Patchwork Cardigan

Ladies Aran Merino Patchwork Cardigan
Item# A685
Why We Love This
Crafted using 100% Merino wool, renowned for its sustainability and luxurious comfort, this Aran patchwork green cardigan showcases exceptional craftsmanship

Decorated with intricate Diamond, Cable, and Honeycomb Aran stitches , each symbolizing elements of Irish heritage and tradition

Combining timeless charm with modern versatility, this cardigan boasts a three-button closure system and a defined, ribbed waistline, offering a contemporary twist to the classic Aran sweater

Product Details

Add a plus of elegance to your wardrobe with our Aran Patchwork Cardigan. Masterfully made from 100% soft Merino wool, this cardigan will keep you extra warm and comfortable when temperatures start to drop. It is not only incredibly soft but also durable and moisture-resistant, making it the ideal garment to wear all year round!

What makes this cardigan special is its culturally-inspired patchwork design. The Diamond, Cable, and Honeycomb Aran knitting patterns call back to the first Aran sweaters knit generations ago for Irish fishermen to keep them warm. The diamond stitch represents a prayer for wealth whereas the cable suggests the idea of strength and unity as the fishermen had to remain strong in order to return to their families safely. The honeycomb pattern symbolizes the industrious nature of the honeybee, suggesting that there is always a sweet reward after hard work. The cardigan also features a three-button closure system and a defined waistline making it a beautiful update to a classic Aran sweater. Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent is recommended for best results. Lay flat to dry.

This cardigan is authentically produced by Aran Wollen Mills, a well-known knitwear brand that blends the past and the present together, to create Authentic Irish pieces that not only look great but feel good.
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