Mucros Weavers Tweed Baseball Cap

Mucros Weavers Tweed Baseball Cap

Item# MWBC
Why We Love This
-Made of 100% tweed, a high-quality wool material that is going to last

-Ideal for cold or chilly weather, it is waterproof and weather resistant

-Intricate design with a herringbone pattern on blue tweed

-Quilted lining interior that is comfortable and keeps you warm

Product Details

Whether you’ll wear it for a special occasion or just to take a stroll, this classy Wool Tweed Baseball Cap is going to elevate your outfit. Ireland-made, this premium item will be your new favorite accessory. This cap is qualitative, made of 100% tweed that guarantees its durability for many seasons to come. Tweed is a tough, yet comfortable, wrinkle-resistant material, and a good heat insulator. It is also water resistant, so you can wear it even in all kinds of weather. The blue tweed material is sophisticated and eye-catching, and the herringbone pattern adds a nice texture to this item. It pairs well with a variety of colors and casual styles making it a versatile addition to a man’s wardrobe. If you're looking for a more structured and formal Irish cap visit our collection here With a classy and versatile design, qualitative material, and great craftsmanship, this item will be appreciated by any man looking for a practical and durable accessory.
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