Fays Super Flexi with Grey Suede Sole - "Hi Tech" Heel and Tip

Fays Super Flexi with Grey Suede Sole - "Hi Tech" Heel and Tip

Why We Love This
Super Flexi Grey Suede Fay's Super Flexi shoe fitted with a thicker and more flexible grey suede sole.

Provides a certain level of flexibility but with the required stability suitable for any application.

You will benefit from a shorter breaking-in period and more stability on toe stands.

Suitable for dancers requiring a certain level of support, including intermediate and championship dancers.

Available in both standard and wide fitting.

Product Details

  • Fitted with a thicker and more flexible grey suede sole, our Fays Super Flexi Grey Suede Shoe is suitable for dancers requiring a certain level of support.
  • The shorter breaking-in period and great comfort make our Fays Super Flexi a must buy.
  • The grey suede sole and high-quality leather bring extreme comfort and ease to all dancers.
  • Greatly increasing the shoe life, the Millenium tip of our Fays Super Flexi is incredibly durable and long lasting.
  • Making all your heel clicks way cooler, the heels of our Fays Super Flexi are bound to impress.
We proudly present the Fays Super Flexi Grey Suede Shoe – an elegant union of blissful comfort and flexibility. Turn up our dance moves up a notch or take your skills to the next level with the super flexible Fays Super Flexi. The grey suede sole allows the right amount of support and balance, and coordination for dance floors, making it great for intermediate and championship level dancers. The Super Flexi is accompanied by a short breaking-in period, which gives the freedom to enjoy dancing from the very beginning. Just put it on, allow it to break and go kill it on the dance floor. It provides maximum flexibility and stability to any dancer and brings the gift of freedom on the dance floor.

The Super Flexi is created with high-quality leather, making it velvety soft and incredibly durable. So, face wear and tear head-on and be sure of your victory when it comes to the Fays Super Flexi. The Super Flexi is well-known for maintaining its durability and softness for a long time, which delivers a good value for money. Ensure the longevity of your dancing shoe and get the best out of the rest by investing in the Fays Super Flexi. All the shoes that Fays manufactures, come with their flagship Millenium tip, which is crafted after years of fastidious work. The Millenium tip is designed to be highly durable and long-lasting and provides support to dancers that need a little help here and there. For those of you who want to give it your all and have no fear about damaging the shoe, the Fays Super Flexi is sure to deliver. The tip gives ample support to perform all toe maneuvers, and simultaneously, creates an excellent sharp sound, enticing all who are present to witness the performance.

The heels of the Super Flexi are moulded and have a bulge on the inside, providing a little extra support to all the budding dancers who still have a long way to go. The heels allow ease when dancing and bring out accurate heel clicks with a booming sound, letting your moves speak volumes about your passion toward your craft. With superior comfort, stability and a shorter breaking time, the Super Flexi is one crazy shoe you must not pass over. The durability and support that the Fays Super Flexi is known for are an added bonus – the icing on the cake – which makes the Super Flexi a worthy buy dancing footwear.

Available for dancers who need a little support – in both standard and wide fitting – the Fays Super Flexi Grey Suede Shoe is bound to enrich your dancing journey exponentially.
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