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Classic Celtic Design

Stylish choice for formal and casual wear

Historical significance and representation of Irish culture

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  • The Triskele & Trinity Knot Celtic Brooch can complete the look of any garment for various occasions and gatherings.
  • Our brooch highlights the Triskele and Trinity Knot symbols which are indigenous Gaelic designs laden with a lot of symbolism.
  • The brooch’s stylish and cultural design can be a good topic of discussion during day-to-day dealings and special occasions.
  • The design’s versatile symbolism makes the brooch an ideal gift for different occasions such as weddings, baby showers, and christenings.
  • When people wear our brooch, it is like they are wearing a piece of history because of the highly historic design.
The Triskele & Trinity Knot Celtic brooch by Keilys is a wonderful addition to anyone’s wardrobe. The brooch can complete ones look for all occasion.

Made from enamel, the brooches give a glossy and classic finish. They come in colors green, red, and blue which in Celtic lore, represent fertility, timelessness, and empowerment.

The Celts have always had an affinity for the number Three and it is evident in this brooch’s design. The brooch highlights one of Western Europe’s oldest symbols, the Triskele.

The Triskele symbol is spiritual in nature and consists of three linked spirals that represent the world, the heavens, and the cosmos. It has since been adopted to other triadic interpretations such as the earth’s three main elements and the three stages of life. Some even associate the symbol to fertility.

Surrounding the Triskele symbol are three Trinity Knots that have very deep ties to faith and Christianity. It is said that the trinity knot design was developed in 7th century Ireland and originally symbolized the holy trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Like the Triskele, this symbol also has a multitude of interpretations across various civilizations.

Overall, the brooch evokes a fashionable and elegant impression. It also has the potential to be a topic of discussion during social gatherings because of the item’s historical context. Regardless, it can be a good addition to complement any outfit for any occasion. Brooches are ideally worn for big events such as weddings or family reunions. It can also be worn during regular days in the office or when in a business luncheon.

The Triskele & Trinity Knot Celtic Brooch can be found in Keilys, an e-commerce site that specializes in Irish gifts and Irish Dance paraphernalia. They boast a wide array of gift selections as well as branded Irish Dance gear.
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