Corrs Ghillies

    When it comes to dancing, youíve got to bring your best, and nothing will help you get at the top of your art of dance game like Corrís Ghillies. Dance isnít the easiest of activities, that is why Corrís Ghillies are designed with comfort, safety, and best of all, affordability. With a unique classic design, these Irish dance shoes are recommended by dance teachers for one reason; they come ready for the dance floor. They are designed with perfection and precision, the reason why you wonít find them in your local Irish gift shop. Donít panic yet, at Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts; we stock a wide variety of Corrís Ghillies from Corrís Economy Practice Ghillie, Corrís Performance Ghillie, and of course the popular Corrís Wild Irish Chillie.
    So, what sets apart the Corrís Irish Ghillie shoes from the rest? Well, when it comes to Irish dance, there are two types of shoes that ever dance needs to own, and ghillies are part of it. Corrís is devoted to crafting and designing shoes with the dancerís interest at mind. Corrís Ghillie shoes are a highlight in the dance shoe scene due to their high-quality design standards, durability, safety, and pocket-friendly nature. Whatís best, Corrís Ghillie shoes are designed for dancers by dancers for the ultimate dance floor experience.
    It doesnít matter what Corrís Ghillie shoes you are looking to get; weíve got you covered, you could choose between the Corrís Economy Practice Ghillie that comes in a choice of white or black suede sole, Corrís Performance Ghillie or Corrís Wild Ghillie.
    Corrís Economy Practice Ghillie: These Irish dance shoes are flexible, soft, comfortable, spacious, and of course, economical. They come in two options: Black or white with a black suede sole, a newer, more stylish leather upper, and a simplistic but effective in-sock padding. These affordable Irish shoes are designed to be ultra-flexible and high performance. Corrís Economy Practice Ghillie is a great choice for beginners or intermediate dancers.
    Corrís Performance Ghillie: These Irish shoes, like the name, are designed for performance. They are specially crafted to emphasize the dancerís arch without having to under-arch stitch. The result is a more flexible, ultra-performance Ghillie with an elegant, clean look. Like the Economy practice, this Irish dance shoe comes with a black suede split sole with double padding in the ball on the foot area.
    Corrís Wild Ghillie: Thereís a simple reason why this Irish dance shoe is popular; it has a modern design appeal that moves from the common center-seam architecture. Thatís not all; it is designed with patented EVA technology on the padding for better impact absorption and extra cushioning. Its defined split design is perfect for a wide variety of foot types compared to the traditional center-seam design. The Corrís Wild Ghillie provides ample support during dancing on the wearerís arch, giving them confidence in whatever routine they are doing. Donít get fooled by the thin new tech EVA linin; youíll have to jump to experience the supreme level of cushioning it offers.
    Corrís Ghillie shoes are sold and supplied by Keilys Irish Dance and Gifts. Corrís shoes have a unique history, they were first introduced to distributors in New England by Julian Wild, in 2001. Julian had a successful previous career as a professional dancer. With inside knowledge of the rigors and physical stress experienced in the art of dance, he was in the perfect potion to make the most effective dance shoes. The Corrís brand, which is named after his motherís maiden name is a success in the dance shoe world, over the years earning the company an abundance of praise and appreciation from its loyal clientele.
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