Ladies Hooded Celtic Cardigan

Ladies Hooded Celtic Cardigan

Ladies Hooded Celtic Cardigan
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Why We Love This
  • Our Aran wrap is 100% Merino Wool so you can be sure you’ll stay nice and cozy when wearing this wrap.
  • The symbolism behind the Aran stitches was created by York yarn shop owner Heinz Edgar Klewes from Sacred History of Knitting.
  • This shawl has no enclosed sides and is made up of knit panels measuring 68” x 29” (front) and 28” x 14” (back).
  • Open sides allow you to drape this piece over your shoulders and wrap it around your arms for warmth.
  • The honeycomb stitch makes up the majority of this wrap and the cable stitch pockets provide a place to warm your hands.

Product Details

Our Aran shawl wrap is just the piece you need to quickly transform your overall look while keeping you cozy. Sometimes you just need that extra layer to add a bit of style to your outfit for the day. Just the finishing touch to take your look from one level to the next level. Aran sweaters are easily identified by their intricate stitch work, the knitter will use one or more stitch patterns to tell an overall story on their work.

The original meanings of the Aran stitches were fabricated by Heinz Edgar Klewe in his book Sacred History of Knitting where he gives meaning to all of the stitches. He ran an oxford yarn shop and upon noticing a similarity in the Aran stitches and the Irish illuminated manuscripts he began to put meaning to the stitches. Although the meanings were a fabrication they took on a life of their own and were quickly adopted by the Irish people as fact.

From this, each stitch became a symbol, all with their own meaning. Depending on what you were hoping for you would imbibe your garment with those stitches. Today knitters focus more on complementary patterns. They design the overall layout of their garments with the intent to make visually stunning pieces that catch the eye. And in that way, they tell their own story. Our Aran shawl definitely tells a story with its textured stitches and bold patterns.

The bulk of the shawl is comprised of the Aran honeycomb pattern. The honeycomb is said to be the representation of the honey bee. And one of the things the honeybee is most known for is its hard work ethic. They spend hours tending to their hive and the reward is the health of the colony. The honeycomb pattern is a reflection of hard work and the rewards that come with hard work. The honeycomb pattern can be seen in detail along with the two front panels of our shawl.

On the two front panels, there are pockets that have cable stitch patterns knitted on. The cable pattern is a classic Aran stitch that is most associated with the Aran fishermen’s wives. They say that the wives would knit the cables into their husband’s sweaters in an effort to ensure they made it back home safely. They were a direct recreation of the cables the fishermen worked with on their ships and were said to mean good luck. These cable pockets stand out against the honeycomb stitches they lay against, and provide a warm place to store your hands or any goods you carry.

Our shawl is a wrap, so it has no enclosed sides. Which makes it easy to throw over your top or even over a dress. It provides that bit of extra warmth and wraps around you like your favorite blanket. Our Aran shawl wrap is made of two front panels that measure 68” x 29” and a back panel that measures 28” x 14”. Fringe can be found at the base of the wrap on the front panels giving it that extra bit of length. This wrap is a great piece to have with you when you want that extra bit of warmth. You can wear it open, hanging over your shoulders. Or you can add a belt to keep it closed.
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