Apple Green Ireland Shamrock Kids Baseball Cap

Apple Green Ireland Shamrock Kids Baseball Cap

Item# T7512-OS
Why We Love This
Executed in Calming Green and Pink Colors

Designed with Shamrock Detailing to keep the Irish Authenticity

Made of Cotton to assure Comfortable wear in hot days

Product Details

  • Our Apple Green Ireland Shamrock Kids Baseball Cap's color brings tranquillity and energy at the same time. Both the colors green and pink have a calming effect on the eyes.
  • The pink stitches make the details even more appealing. Aside from that, they likewise help in ensuring the durability of our product.
  • Our baseball cap takes pride in the materials used to produce it. We always aim for the best. That is Keily’s brand of service.
  • We are dedicated to preserving our name. Thus, we will continue to offer the kind of product and service that our customers deserve.
The Apple Green Ireland Shamrock Kids Baseball Cap boasts of a number of attributes that any child or parent would love. This product from Keily’s features a floral fabric shaped into a shamrock leaf with pink stitches around it. This design is placed on the front portion of the all-green panel, which makes it more visible. Meanwhile, the cap’s brim or visor has the same floral fabric used for the shamrock design.

This is made from cotton and other premium materials to ensure that it is comfortable to wear and durable as well. Customers need not worry about its fit, too, since it is designed for most sizes. And if it does not fit perfectly, it has an adjustable strap that will do the magic.

By wearing this trendy baseball cap, the Irish kid can flaunt the country’s heritage. Along with patriotism, this apparel also exudes a child’s nature: playful and bubbly. Its colors, pink and green, makes such attitude come out. In the meantime, the use of cotton gives the product a more comfortable finish. This comfort is surely felt when it is worn, especially during the hot days. It is likewise convenient to bring around since it can be kept easily even in a small bag.

Talking about convenience, the Apple Green Ireland Shamrock Kids Baseball Cap is best purchased from a reliable company. It will be most convenient if it is committed to bringing the best quality and service to its clients. And this is what Keily’s can guarantee among them.

By carrying the shamrock design, the company shows its commitment to continuously preserve and promote Irish culture. The shamrock leaf is important to the Irish people since this is associated with their patron saint. This leaf was used by Saint Patrick to symbolize the Holy Trinity, one of the centers of the Christian faith.
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