Irish Greetings Suncatcher Set of 3

Irish Greetings Suncatcher Set of 3

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Why We Love This
- Set of three decorations with unique designs, crafted from durable stained glass

- The three pieces features Irish and Celtic motifs and blessings

- Easy to install by their hooks to add a sophisticated touch to your home

- The Slainte panel has 6.3” in diameter, the Failte one has a 6.3” arch and the Irish blessings one is 6.3” by 6.3”

Product Details

If you are looking for joy and blessings in your home, or to display your Irish pride, our Celtic Irish sun catcher set is the perfect choice. This set contains three lovely stained glass pieces. Each piece is made from stained glass, a durable material that lasts for generations, without losing its timeless appearance. These pieces vary in shape and when placed near a source of light they create stunning visual effects.. The round panel is 6.3” in diameter and features the ‘Slainte’ inscription, a Gaelic expression commonly used as a drinking toast across Ireland and Scotland. This saying wishes health to you and your guests. Our Failte panel says ‘welcome’, a beautiful sight to see for your loved ones or any of your house guests. This piece is adorned with shamrocks, traditional Irish elements that are usually associated with Saint Patrick, representing the Holy Trinity. This panel has a 6.3” arch. The last piece of this set, measuring 6.3” by 6.3” features the traditional “May the road rise to meet you” Irish blessing. This saying is a wish for good luck in the journey of life. This stained glass is embellished with intricate Celtic knots that represent the belief in the continuity and eternity of life. Choose this set for a unique touch to your home decor style!
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